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Where to eat on Curacao: Shelter Rock


Each evening, a question is asked: where to eat on Curacao? Among the multitude of unique restaurants on Curaçao one of the wonderful places to eat is the Shelter Rock Paradise Restaurant, a family owned and operated restaurant tucked into the hills in the community of Jan Donker, towards the west end of Curaçao. In addition to their daily focus on local and seafood dishes, Shelter Rock offers a unique coconut dining experience on Friday evenings.

As you approach from either Westpunt or Willemstad, signs posted along the roads make Shelter Rock Paradise Restaurant easy to find. Despite the signs, as you are driving on narrow roads heading further up into the hills, you may suspect that you somehow took a wrong turn. Even as you enter their parking area it does not look like you have pulled into a restaurant parking lot. Think of the drive as part of the charm of this unique place to eat in Curaçao. DIRECTIONS

Sun setting behind hills

Friday evenings are the weekly highlight with their Coconut Night. A buffet with a variety of dishes including rice, beans, corn on the cob, plantain, and salads is offered alongside their famed coconut entree. They offer a choice of chicken, beef, goat, seafood, shrimp, or vegetarian which has been slowly roasted inside a coconut on an open fire. When you make your reservation, you also place your order for the coconut entrée.

Buffet table

After drinks have been served, and after having had the opportunity to take a few pictures of the spectacular Curaçao sunset as the sun slips behind the hills to the west, guests are invited to the fire pit to see how the meal inside the coconuts are cooked.

Coconuts roasting on a fire

Once the coconuts have cooled a little, guests are invited to the buffet, one table at a time where servers stand ready to assist with the food. Following the main course a light dessert is offered. Enjoy your dessert as you listen or join in the fun of the Karaoke entertainment.

Your experience at Shelter Rock Paradise Restaurant will be a relaxed time in a friendly, unique setting.



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