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Top Beaches of Curacao: the twin beaches of Grote Knip and Klein Knip

Curacao Beach

White powder sand, beautiful views, great snorkeling, and swimming; key ingredients for a relaxing day at one of the top beaches on Curacao. The twin beaches of Grote Knip and Klein Knip are popular with locals and tourists, and as can be expected, are busy on weekends.

Klein Knip is the smaller, less busy of the two. Lounge chairs and umbrellas are available to rent and public toilets are available in the parking area. Thatched palapas on the beach provide some shade and a row of trees between the parking area and beach provide additional shade.

The beach is about 75 meters or 225 feet long with 6-10 meter cliffs at both ends which extend into the ocean creating a great place for both swimming and snorkeling.

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Ocean Sunset

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Grote Knip is the much larger of the two beaches and has many more facilities. When you arrive at the paved parking area you will see a large semicircular viewing area just off the parking lot with a magnificent view of the ocean and beach. Many a selfie has been taken here. From the viewing area, the beach is accessed by well-built stone and concrete stairs that take you down approximately 10 meters (30 feet) to the white sand beach. As you stroll along the sand, keep an eye open to spot Hermit crabs or the elusive tiny Ghost crab before he slips into his sandy hole.

Caribbean Beach

A second access directly from the parking area to the beach is via a wide ramp – surprisingly the ramp is accessed at the top by approximately five steps. While still in the parking area there are a few concrete walkways along the top of the cliff with shaded benches overlooking the beach and a few places a little back of the cliff for picnics or group gatherings in the shade.

Once on the beach, trees, thatched palapas, and umbrellas provide welcome shade. Umbrellas, lounge chairs, snorkel sets, and transparent kayaks are available for rent. A small restaurant offers hamburgers, ribs, chicken, fries and more. Toilets (with a cost of 1 Guilder) are available at the restaurant or free public toilets are available up at the parking lot. Outdoor showers are available at the beach to be able to rinse off before the drive back to your hotel or vacation rental (again, for a 1 Guilder fee).

As at Klein Knip, there is excellent snorkeling along the cliffs on both sides of the beach and swimming is pleasant.

How to get to Knip

Access to the Knip beaches is easy. You can approach either by going south from Westpunt or north from Lagun. From either direction, signs mark the turn from the main road. When you come to a T intersection, you can turn to the left for a very short drive to Klein Knip, or continue right for a few minutes’ drive to Grote Knip. Either way, the roads are paved the entire way.


Every attraction while on vacation should have a pleasant bonus. At Knip, the bonus is spotting the green and yellow parrots. You are most likely to hear them first with their distinctive chattering calls to each other, and then see them among the trees at the end of Grote Knip beach, though they inhabit the full stretch of the coast. They are easiest to spot flying in pairs above the treetops.



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