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Willemstad Parking Tips

I suspect that every visitor to Curaçao finds their way to the downtown area of Willemstad – if they don’t, they certainly should. Exploring the historic districts and buildings of Otrobanda and Punda should not be missed.

An initial challenge for first time visitors is “where to park.” Three considerations play a part in your choice: convenience, price and shade.

Our preference is the parking garage at the Renaissance Resort. The Renaissance provides more than 500 free parking spaces on five levels as part of its shopping mall. Overnight parking is limited to resort guests.

Once parked, elevators are available to carry you to the unique shops and restaurants of the Renaissance Mall and adjacent Rif Fort. Access to the restaurants, cafés, museums and shopping of both Otrobanda and Punda (two districts of Curaçao) is through the Rif Fort and along the front of St Anna Bay to the Queen Emma Bridge (a floating pedestrian bridge).

How to get there:

If coming from the north or west, the easiest access to the Renaissance Resort is to:

- drive south on Weg Naar Westpunt

- Weg Naar Westpunt becomes Helmin Mango Weils Boulevard

- Helmin Mango Weils Boulevard, after swinging east, becomes Pater Euwensweg.

- Turn right at a traffic circle onto Baden Powellweg,

- Take the second left into the Renaissance Resort.

- A security gate will be opened by resort staff as you arrive.

- Drive several hundred meters and turn left into the parking garage.

- Once in the garage entrance, the gate is raised by waving your hand in front of the control panel.

- Leaving the garage is simpler as the exit gate rises automatically.

If you are coming from the east, the easiest access is to:

- cross St Anne Bay on the Queen Juliana Bridge

- Take the first exit to the right which is Arubastraat

- Arubastraat circles around to the south

- At the first traffic circle, take the second exit and you will be on Baden Powellweg which takes you to the Renaissance Resort.


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The Welcome Benefit

A welcome benefit to parking at the Renaissance is that after a warm day of shopping and exploring, the Rif Fort offers relaxing seating in the shade of palm trees with the convenience of multiple coffee and ice cream shops offering tempting, well earned treats.

Take the time to enjoy a refreshing break inside the walls of a fort built in 1828.



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