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Director's Bay: a relaxing Curaçao beach

For decades, the peninsula at the east end of Caracasbaaiweg was owned by the Royal Dutch Shell Company and was not accessible to the public. Director’s Bay was a private beach reserved for the Directors of Shell and their families. When Shell left the island in 1985 the peninsula was turned over to the Island of Curaçao and opened to the public.

Many of Curaçao’s thirty plus beaches, though never crowded, are reasonably busy. If your preference is a quieter, more secluded beach, Director’s Bay Beach may be for you. Though you will seldom have the beach to yourself, this is a small, comfortable beach enjoyed by local families.

As with all beaches on Curaçao, the turquoise waters invite you for a refreshing swim, snorkel or dive. The right side of the beach has the desired sand, the larger middle portion has the common Curaçao pebble and broken coral, while to the left waves crash onto the rocks.

A set of concrete steps lead from the parking area to the beach entrance, shaded by a canopy of trees. When you walk onto the open beach, look to the right for a view of a natural bridge caused by the relentless action of the waves.

To your left multiple vantage points offer photo opportunities of the ocean waves beating against the rocks. There is a rough path and small scramble over the rocks, which leads further up to your left to a flat area that again offers a scenic opportunity for pictures.

Be sure to bring water and a lunch as there are no services at the beach.


To get to Director’s Bay Beach, drive to the far end of Caracasbaaiweg, go past Fort Beekenburg, and watch for a paved road leading up the hill towards the abandoned Seaman’s hospital.

Though it is not marked as a one-way road, as it is quite narrow, we recommend that you assume it is one-way and drive to the right. Take this road about half way around the route to where the only other paved road leads to your right. This road leads directly to Director’s Bay Beach where there is plenty of parking.

The Extra

As you are driving down to the beach, you will see a dirt road on your left. Provided the road is dry, you should have little problem arriving at a small parking area with a view across the inlet of Spanish Water and the Santa Barbra Resort (formerly the Santa Barbra Plantation).

While in the area watch for Green Parrots and brightly colored Venezuela Troupials perched on the tops of cactus, as well as Warawara birds scavenging among the ever present Whiptail Lizards.


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