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What is the best month to Visit Curacao?

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Curaçao: gifted with ideal year round vacation weather.

Cool damp weather will detract from the enjoyment of any vacation, but , when you chose Curacao as your vacation destination, the weather is ideal twelve months of the year.

Curaçao, situated 12 degrees north of the equator (a little more than 1300 km) provides a very stable climate. Its location just north of South America (65 km or 40 miles) lies within the “Southern Caribbean Dry Zone” and results in Curaçao’s weather being impacted more by South America than the weather systems coming across the Pacific Ocean. Curaçao’s climate is classified as “Tropical Savannah” which essentially refers to a hot, arid climate with a distinctive “wet season.”

Don’t let the words “wet season” dampen your desire for visiting this island gem. “Wet Season” in Curaçao still results in less than 60 mm (2.3 inches) of rain in the wettest month and might better be described as the “green season.” The wet season will typically experience rain overnight and mainly sunny skies during the day. Daytime rain showers are often downbursts that pass in a few minutes. A typical year delivers less than 200 mm (8 inches) of rain.


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Typical Weather

  • The coolest month is January with average highs of 30 C and lows of 24 C.

  • September is the hottest month with average highs of 33 C and lows of 27 C.

  • Humidity ranges from 77% in March to 81% in November.

  • Precipitation varies from a mere 1.6 mm in May to 53.3 mm in November.

  • The trade winds blow almost constantly from the east with average speeds between 18 km/h in October to 24 km/h in June.

  • Ocean temperatures around Curaçao range from 26 C to 28 C.

The Best Part - No Hurricanes!

Curaçao is situated on the far southern boundary of the hurricane region and is considered at very low risk. No hurricane has made landfall on Curaçao since records have been kept and only 16 named storms (tropical storms and hurricanes) have passed within 120 nautical miles (222 km) of the island – the latest being in 2010.

The worst storm in Curaçao’s history was a hurricane that passed south of the island in September 1887, killing 70 people. The worst recent storm was tropical storm Joan which passed south of Curaçao in 1988, resulting in significant flooding.

So, what is the best month to visit Curacao? Regardless of when you chose to travel to Curacao, you are sure to have great weather and a fantastic vacation.

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Detailed information is available at a number of sites including the Meteorological Department of Curaçao and



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