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Waterfort Arches

Today, while walking through the Punda region of Willemstad we wandered over to the Waterfort. Waterfort was one of two forts originally built in 1635, the year after the Dutch West India Company claimed Curaçao. The original fort was replaced in 1827 with the one that is seen today.

Now called the Waterfort Arches, the fort houses four restaurants along a terrace facing the ocean. A unique aspect to the Waterfort Arches is that you can stroll through the four restaurants as you decide which menu best suits your appetite and what your budget allows – though none of the restaurants are exclusive to the rich and famous.

Today we chose the Grillking and relaxed at a table along the edge of the terrace. The service from chef Mariolynn and waiter Quin was excellent. The food was tasty and we neither felt rushed or left waiting.

We were entertained during lunch by watching crabs and at least three eels in a tidal pool only a few feet from our table. The seating area, covered with a palm frond roof, along with ships offshore, the cool refreshing ocean breeze and the rhythmic sound of the surf, all added to the Caribbean atmosphere.

If you are not fortunate to get one of the tables overlooking the ocean, you may get a table with a built-in fish tank.

Waterfort Arches is a little off the usual tourist track of Willemstad, but not so far off as to make it an effort to find. From the Punda side of the Queen Anne pontoon bridge, turn right and walk along the front of Fort Amsterdam turning to follow the road on the south side of the Fort. Continue walking in that direction and you will see Waterfort Arches on your right. There are two entrances. One about halfway along the Fort, the other at the far end.

We trust your experience at Waterfort Arches will be just as relaxing.

- G&D -


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