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Top Beaches of Curaçao: Kokomo Beach

Kokomo Beach Curacao

The Beach Boys, to the sounds of a steel drum, guitar, and saxophone, dreamed of the idyllic beach destination where you can “get away from it all.” While the Kokomo of the Beach Boys is fictional, Curaçao has its own Kokomo Beach.

Kokomo Beach Curacao

Every vacation to the Caribbean needs several wonderfully relaxing days of sun, sand and sea. If you are looking for a beach destination which the entire family can enjoy and is within a short drive of Willemstad, consider spending one of those beach days at the full-service Kokomo Beach. One of the top beaches of Curacao.

As you drive into the large parking lot you will see the gated entrance to Kokomo Beach. While entrance to the beach is free, it is important to note that outside food and drinks are not permitted.

Kokomo Beach Restaurant Curacao

Kokomo Beach has everything you need for the perfect beach day. Unwind in the shaded, open-air, ocean front restaurant on the left side of the beach while enjoying splendid views of both the beach and ocean. Menu options include sandwiches, burgers, salads, wraps and more.

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Curacao Sunset

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After lunch, rent a lounge chair or palapa to relax under the shade of the palm trees as you sip a cool, refreshing pina colada smoothie or other delicious drink. Sit back, close your eyes, and listen to the tropical breeze rustling the palm fronds as you relish its cooling touch.

Kokomo Beach Curacao

Enjoy a refreshing swim in the ocean using either the pier, the raft, or simply wading into the ocean from the soft sand of the beach. For those a little more adventurous, Kokomo has a dive shop offering equipment rental, lessons, and guided dives.

While relaxing on the beach you are welcome to make use of the beach bar, or perhaps indulge in a tropical massage in the ocean front spa on the right side of the beach.

On Sunday evenings, Kokomo offers live music (reservations are recommended) as a way of bringing the weekend to a fun conclusion. Kokomo offers free Wi-Fi, multiple places both in the ocean and on the beach for picturesque selfies with their iconic swings, and as with any full-service beach, showers and washrooms are available.

How to get to Kokomo Beach.

From Willemstad, turn to the west off Weg Naar Westpunt at Weg Naar Bullenbaai. You will see Centrum Supermarket on your left. Drive west on Weg Naar Bullenbaai for about 5 minutes (4.7 km) and the entrance to Kokomo will be on your left.

Bonus Activities

There are two bonus activities you can enjoy as part of your Kokomo day.

Curacao Flamingos

As you are driving west towards Kokomo, on Weg Naar Bullenbaai, you will drive past Salina Sint Michiel; a large salt flat that is often home to a flock of flamingos. The road at this point is wide enough to safely park on the side to enjoy a closer look or capture these beautiful birds on camera. Flamingos are not fond of human activity and if the flamingos are close to the road, people are asked to not approach them, and most definitely do not use drones as the flamingos will panic causing them possible harm.

The second bonus activity is a short hike to the ruins of Fort Vaersenbaai which overlooks Kokomo Beach. When exiting the gate of Kokomo, walk to the right side of the parking lot. The trail to the ruins is at the back end of the parking lot (there is a sign) and it is about a 5 – 7 minute walk up to the ruins. Fort Vaersenbaai was quite a small fort and all that remains is a floor and the fragments of a few stone walls. The spectacular ocean view from the cliff top, however, is well worth the short walk.


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