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About Us:

Dreams. Life without dreams is bleak and dreary.

I suppose our journey to Curaçao began years ago as a vague dream of travel. The dream began to come into focus in about 2012 with the thought of moving to a tropical island. Being honest, the dream was fueled with one part of a dislike of long Canadian winters, and one part a desire to escape stress (which is at best often only an illusion of escape).

Regardless, in 2014, we had the opportunity to visit Curaçao for several weeks. In the spring of 2017 we were invited for a second visit and the opportunity came up to purchase a condo. “Wow! Our own place? On an island in the south Caribbean?! Maybe dreams and reality do merge.”

Though that opportunity did not work, a second and better opportunity came up and by late July we were back for a third visit and to finalize the purchase. From our perspective, it was not only desire and opportunity that resulted in our purchase, it was God’s blessing.

Our desire is to share our love of travel, our love for Curaçao and an enjoyment of photography. Our goal is to provide high-quality rental service of the condo and a high-quality website for people traveling to this wonderful island nation.

George and Deborah - 

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