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Curaçao Shakes

It has been said that the journey is as important as the destination.

While driving around Curaçao, most of us are on our way somewhere; to the beach, shopping, or other destination. Seldom do we take time to enjoy the journey.

However, what if you took the time to get out of the car, relax in the shade, sipping a cool drink? Along the side of Weg Narr Westpunt and other roads, are many roadside buildings and trailers offering a variety of local food and drinks. During our first visits to Curaçao we quickly drove past. We didn’t have any thought of stopping; we were always on our way somewhere.

It was on our third visit that the lure of curiosity finally led us to take the time to stop at a small roadside eatery. We had previously passed Curaçao Shakes dozens of times. Curaçao Shakes is a simple, clean trailer parked in the shade of trees about 10 meters from the road.

One of the island specialties offered at Curaçao Shakes is coconut water. Once you have ordered, the top of the refrigerated coconut is lopped off with a machete and a knife is used to dig a hole into the center. Add a straw and you are enjoying your coconut water while sitting in the shade. Once you have finished your water, don’t throw away the coconut. If you ask, they will use the machete to split the coconut open, offer you a spoon and you can munch on the coconut meat.

The second specialty at Curaçao Shakes are of course the shakes; up to 12 tropical flavors are available. They are flavorful, thick shakes that are wonderful to sip while relaxing at one of the tables in the shade of a tree. Add to this unique setting, the many curios around the tree and trailer, as well as the sounds of Spanish music mingling with the friendly hello’s honked out by the passing vehicles and you have an island experience worth repeating.


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